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Episode .45 Website!

March 22, 2009

We’ve made an Episode .45 Website! go and check it out off to the right there, under ‘”affiliates.” There’s also a link to it in the .45 page here.


Episode .45 Nearing Completion!

March 18, 2009

The first real episode of the Episode .45 Saga (not Christmas specials or Movie Nights or whatnot, A real, actual movie!) is nearing completion! The refilming and fixing and all that jazz has been completed in its entirety. We just need to finish the special effects and stuff and it’ll be done. It’ll also be the longest film by Randomness Productions exclusively, as opposed to being the same length as a movie we’re riffing.

Speaking of riffing, there are plans to continue the Movie Night Series, but that’s on hold for now.