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Grass: A Rerelease

April 26, 2009

On April 26th Grass: A documentary with Dr. McDoctor will be rereleased in higher quality.

That’s the only reason why it’s being rereleased. So it can be in higher quality. There aren’t any weird copyright issues or anything, don’t worry, butĀ  just to be safe, the credits music was changed.


New Episode .45 Sketchpad

April 11, 2009

There’s a new sketchpad episode! go check it out in the movie list!

Copyright problems

April 5, 2009

If you ca’n’t findĀ  our videos on GoogleVideo, it’s because they had to be taken down due to their containing “Unauthorized Content” and a threat to disable the account.

Since GoogleVideo’s desktop uploader doesn’t work, there’s no way of knowing if the videos will return with Public Domain music or whatever.

You’ll only be able to find our stuff on YouTube from now on.