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New Here We Come A-Carrolling August 30th!

August 30, 2009

As of August 30th, 2009, (8-30-09 for you number happy folk) Here We Come A- Carrolling has been updated with a new comic! This is the first time it’s been updated since July 4th, 2008!

The comic is one that was actually forgotten about and never released. It was meant to the be tenth installment of Here We Come A-Carrolling, but it got skipped by accident.

Go and check it on out!


Slow going

August 27, 2009

Just sort of checking in to let our fans (all five of you) know that we haven’t dried up and disbanded or something like that. Randomness Productions is working on several projects, but very slowly as we all have other lives and not too much time on our hands.

We are, however, planning to make a new .45 Movie Night Episode soon, and a new .45 Sketch Pad episode is in post-production.

Speaking of Episode .45, the first movie will be out of post-production rather soonish and will likely be the next big movie released.

We’re also planning a Geekula Special Edition, and we would like to start working on a sequel to War of the Worlds, as well as a sequel to Zane Von Mystery and to start the Twilight Abridged Saga Project, but those are all on the backmost burners.

Be on the look out for a new Movie Night Episode!