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Thanks Great Depression!

April 30, 2010

Here is the newest film by Cinematic Soft Umbrellas in association with Randomness Productions!

It’s a gem called Thanks Great Depression!

There’s also a royalty free version here, in case you ca’n’t view the original:


New “collaborative” Film Coming Soon!

April 22, 2010

In early May, Randomness Productions will be hosting a short film called “Thanks, Great Depression!” which was originally made for a university class covering education and technology. Given the interest from both the group that made it and other groups who saw it made, it was decided that Randomness Productions will be given a copy of the film to upload to the DrRandomness channel on YouTube.

This will be the second film by Random Pain Renderings and the first (and perhaps only) by a new “production” company called Cinematic Soft Umbrellas.

Episode .45 Nearing Completion

April 4, 2010

Episode .45 was going to be released in March, but an unforeseen bug popped up and took a while to fix. We think we fixed it, so we hope to have the movie released sometime in April or early May. Hopefully we will not have to postpone it any further.