And what is this Randomness Productions you speak of?

Randomness Productions is a mostly silly movie making group of sorts, whose President and Vice President are “filmmakers” out to just have a bit of fun and entertain themselves and others with silly little unscripted movies about twelve-inch figures battling USS Enterprises, or Van Helsing investigating the death of a geeky vampire, among other things. There is no grand spectacle of artsy film here, so move along if that’s what you expect. We try to do as much and as well as we can, but the crew of this Randomness Productions is a whole two people. With influences from British humor, animé, and real life, Randomness Productions does not exist to be, as said before, a grand spectacle of film, or cause any dispute of any nature. We try our best to keep it that way. With minimal cursing. Well…maybe.

Yeah, we use the Google+

Also, it’s on the Facebook!

And Twitter (technically)


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