Cardboard Dustin 2.0

The younger brother of Cardboard Dustin, Cardboard Dustin 2.0 was born on July 13, 2010 from a single cardboard box. And some duct tape.

Like his brother, Cardboard Dustin 2.0 can change his face to be anything one wishes to tape to him.

Unlike his brother, however, Cardboard Dustin 2.0 can wear clothes and pose as a person rather effectively. He “stands” at about 5 feet in height (actually 4 feet, 10 inches, but don’t tell him that), and given his duct-tape joints, he can realistically fall out of windows and down stairs.

He is also a more versatile actor than his brother because of his joints.

If all goes according to plan, his acting debut will be in Twilight the Abridged Movie.

Putting clothes on him is rather difficult, so we may make cardboard clothes for him like those old paper dolls.

As of New Moon Abridged, Cardboard Dustin 2.0 has newspaper muscles:


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