Episode .45

Episode .45 is a series of Star Wars fanfilms made with Star Wars twelve-inch figures and other toys and is, in fact, the flagship of Randomness Productions.

The .45 Gang, as they’re called, live a basic existence, not bothering anybody at all and just kind of being there. Watching movies, eating ice cream, you know, the good stuff. However, countless villains want to get rid of them for some reason and constantly challenge their way of life and all that. They have to defend themselves and investigate, and that’s what is put on film as nearly hour long films.

So far, there are three Episode .45 movies in production:

Episode .45: Rise of the Metal Box

Episode .45 II: War of the Prune

Episode .45 III: Untitled Fishing Optometrist

There’s also offshoots such as

Episode .45 Movie Night, in which members of the .45 Gang watch public domain movies from the Prelinger Archives (usually) and give their commentary,

Episode .45 Book or Movie, in which members talk about transitions from source  material to movie adaptations

There was a brief off-shoot called Episode .45 Presents, but that was scrapped after the second episode sucked. It was replaced later on by Episode .45 Sketchpad.

There’s also a Trailer Predictions, wherein the members talk about various trailers and whether those movies will suck.

There are also Christmas specials!


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