Episode .45 Movie Night (Newest up 1-13-10)

Episode .45 Movie Night is a series of short movies of the .45 Gang watching Public Domain movies from the Prelinger Archives and making comments…of sorts. Sound familiar? Probably.


Episodes 1-29

The Episode .45 Movie Night installments so far:

001: “Superman: The Magnetic Telescope”

002: “Drugs Are Like That

003: “Ghost Rider”

004: “One Got Fat”

005: “Crossroads Crash”

006: “Lunchroom Manners”

007: “A Christmas Carol”

008: “Habit Patterns”

009: “Freeze-In”

010: “Health: Your Posture”

011: “The Best Made Plans”

012: “How Much Affection?”

013: “A Touch of Magic”

014: “A Word to the Wives”

015: “Going Steady?”

016: “How to Say No: Moral Maturity”

017: “Why Study Home Economics?”

018: “One Bad Knight”

019: “Your Junior High Days”

020: “Dishonored Lady” [Feature Length]

021: “Care of the Skin”

022: “The Relaxed Wife”

023: “Care of the Hair and Nails”

024: “One Got Fat” Redux

025: “Wreckless”

026: “Beginning to Date”

027: “Is This Love?”

028: “Bookkeeping and You”

029: “Eat For Health”

030: “D.O.A.” [Feature Length]

031: “Electric Earthquake”

032: “Good Table Manners

033: “A Touch of Magic” Redux

034: “The Case of the Pennsylvania Gun”

Every ten episodes we’ll do a Feature Length Movie Night. The first one we did was “Dishonored Lady,” and we have plans for more of such movies as

“Fear in the Night”

“The Invisible Ghost”


We used to do what we called “Music Video Night,” wherein we watched 5 music videos back-to-back. However, the first Music Video Night (028) was the last, as the second (the original 032) had to be taken down.


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