Geekula (Series)

Geekula is a series of films detailing the efforts of one Professor Van Helsing to vanquish the nerdy vampires of the Geekula clan, at the orders of Mayor McDorkle, who Van Helsing really doesn’t like.

Of course, Van Helsing runs into many obstacles including the vampires themselves (who are all experts with lightsabers) and with his own ignorance.

The first film had to be taken down from the internet, though the outtakes still remain, and we plan to rerelease the film in a Special Edition with updated scenes and such. Sometime.

The series has two films in it, and a third is planned, but is on hiatus.

Current films:
Geekula (film unavailable for viewing)
Geekula II: Son of Geekula

Geekula III: Father of Geekula

Geekula IV: Spouse of Geekula


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