Twilight the Abridged Saga

Twilight the Abridged Saga (aka TtAS or Twilight Reductio ad Absurdum) is a project currently in production to parody the Twilight Saga movies and books by condensing them into 60 minute movies filled with typical Abridged Series fare: pop culture references, criticism of the source material, nonsense, etc., ultimately tracking the stupidity and descent into madness of the protagonist.

Twilight Abridged is the first scripted Randomness Production and the first to feature the Excelerations Producer.


Twilight Abridged 10-30-10

New Moon Abridged 8-25-11

Eclipse Abridged 6-4-12


Teaser for the Saga (9-24-10)

Trailer for Twilight Abridged (10-17-10)

Teaser  for New Moon Abridged (3-14-11)

Trailer for New Moon Abridged (7-9-11)

Teaser for Eclipse Abridged (7-7-11)

Trailer for Eclipse Abridged (9-30-11)

In progress:


Breaking Dawn Abridged

Queued for Pre-Production:
The Twilight Saga: The Official Illustrated Guide: The Abridged Movie (aka. TTS:TOIG:TAM)

Maybe if we feel like it:
The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner Abridged (aka. SSLoBT Abridged)

Really, REALLY hoping Stephenie Meyer finishes and publishes it, but sort of happy it was delayed a looong time:
Midnight Sun Abridged


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