Easter Egg Hints (Updated 5-8-11)

Somewhere in the movie are stills that resemble these. Clicking on a specific object or area in the video will send you to an unlisted bonus outtake/behind the scenes footage. Or if you don’t want to bother with that

Here’s a playlist of all of them

In Part 3, Bella’s right shoulder at 0:55In Part 3, Paper, lower left at 4:55In Part 3, ceiling light at 2:00In part 4, the sky at 1:40.
In part 5, click on the blackish picture in the lower right at 0:55.
Click on Mike in Part 1 at 6:00.
Click on Bella in part 3 at 9:42.

In part 3, click on Stupid Fox at 0:16
Click on Stupid Fox in part 2 at 7:30.
Click on “Eric,” i.e., Cardboard Dustin 2.0 in part 1 at 3:18.
In part 4, click on the window at 14:32

Casserole dish at 7:05 in part 3.

Stupid Fox at 2:45 in part 3.

In Part 3, click on the Twilight book on the bed.

In part 4, click on the black stair area to the lower right from 13:00 to 14:00


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