Defunct Producers

Various Producers that are no longer used or that have never been used.

Dynamite Studios

Dynamite StudiosDynamite Studios was attached to a single film: Zane Von Mystery. It will not return for Zane Von Mystery II because it has been retired mainly due to the poor quality of the splash screen/logo and because its place can easily be filled by one of the unused or not very used Producers.

Genuine Films

Genuine FilmsGenuine Films was created to be attached to the scrapped Verbatim Cyrano Project and was to be attached to other verbatim interpretations of plays and books in the Public Domain. It may never be used because of Randomness Productions’ focus on comedy and the name does not lend itself well to a comedic film “company”

Minty Fresh Media

MintyFreshMinty Fresh Media was made as Soul Calibur III’s answer to Puffypants Pictures, but has not been used for any film as of yet, mainly because Puffypants Pictures does so well without help from a Soul Calibur III incarnation.

The Producer may be used in the future as a Romance genre tag, but this idea is still up in the air.


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