Gizmo Entertainment


Gizmo Entertainment is one of the Miscellaneous Producers and is named for a limbless tiger toy that was received from a crane game. It currently specializing in the Home Alone Beyond 4 series which includes Home Alone 5 and 6, and the proposed Home Alone 7, which may come in the Spring of 2010.

On September 16th, 2009, the logo of Gizmo Entertainment changed for the second time. This time the logo departed from being made and animated in Bryce 5 and went to being made and animated in the 2d physics simulator Phun. Therefore, Gizmo Entertainment is the one Producer that has undergone two changes of its published logo. In fact, this means that so far each new movie Gizmo Entertainment has been attached to has had a new logo for the “company.”


Home Alone Beyond 4

Saber (3 and beyond)

Films (includes current developmental state. Already released if blank) :

Home Alone 5
Home Alone 6
Home Alone 7 (proposed)
Home Alone 8 (proposed)
Bishop to Queen Four (proposed)
Saber 3  (pre-production hiatus)
Saber 4  (proposed)
Saber 5  (proposed)
Saber 6  (proposed)
Saber 7  (proposed)


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