Hyatt Studios


Hyatt Studios, named for the character of the same name from Excel Saga, is the Science Fiction Producer of such films as Episode .45 and Randomness Productions’ War of the Worlds.


Episode .45

Episode .45 Sketchpad

Episode .45 Movie Night

Episode .45 Book or Movie

Episode .45 Trailer Predictions

Films (includes developmental state. Already released if blank) :

Episode .45 (post-production)
Episode .45 II (post-production)
Episode .45 III (editing hiatus)
Episode .45 IV (editing hiatus)
Episode .45 V (editing hiatus)
Episode .45 VI (editing hiatus)
Episode .45 VII (proposed)
Episode .45 VIII (proposed)
Episode .45 Movie Night 001, 002…
Episode .45 Christmas 2007
Episode .45 Christmas 2008
Episode .45 Presents (discontinued)
Episode .45 Sketchpad #1, #2 …

War of the Worlds
Breaking Dawn Abridged
The Tom Cruise Untitled Project (potentially scrapped)


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