Ilpalazzo Films

Ilpalazzo Films

Ilpalazzo Films, named for Lord Ilpalazzo of Excel Saga, is the Horror Film Producer, dispensing such films as Saber, Geekula, and Twilight the Abridged Saga.





Twilight the Abridged Saga

Films (includes current developmental state. Released if blank) :

Saber 2
Saber 3  (pre-production hiatus)
Saber 4  (proposed)
Saber 5  (proposed)
Saber 6  (proposed)
Saber 7  (proposed)

Geekula Super Special Awesome Fudge-Coated Edition (post-production hiatus)
Geekula II
Geekula III (pre-production hiatus)
Geekula IV (Proposed)

Twilight Abridged
New Moon Abridged (filming)
Eclipse Abridged (queued for pre-production)
Breaking Dawn Abridged (queued for pre-production)
The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner Abridged (queued for pre-production)
The Twilight Saga: The Official Illustrated Guide: The Abridged Movie (queued for writing)


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