Old Logos

These are the old, former logos of certain Producers.

Gizmo Entertainment Mark I of III


This old logo was made in Bryce 5, just like the second Logo, but  unlike the second and third logos, it was very poorly done and the animation is very clunky and poor.

Gizmo Entertainment Mark II of III


This logo, while better than Mark I is still severely lacking, especially since the Bryce scene is barely a gizmo and it hard to read in some cases. It was replaced on September 16th, 2009 by the current logo.

Hyatt Studios Mark I of II


The original logo of Hyatt Studios is lacking in several respects: the collage of Hyatt pictures is sort of sloppy, the name is very small and the animation is not very dynamic.

Ilpalazzo Films Mark I of II


The orginal Ilpalazzo Films logo is very similar to the current one due to the large eye at its center, and because much of the same pictures were used. The issues are just like the issues with Hyatt Studios: a sloppy collage, a small name, and a somewhat poor animation the only saving grace of which was a wipe using Ilpalazzo’s silhouette.

Eote Entertainment Mark I of II (aka o_O Entertainment)

o_O Entertainment

The logo and name of o_O Entertainment were changed due to oversimplicity: The size difference between the two Os, while humorous, is distracting, and the name is unpronounceable, especially considering the Producer was referred to as “Elephantitis of the Eye Entertainment” even in this incarnation.

Surprisingly, this updated logo and name occurred in late 2008, but hardly matters because o_O Entertainment was only attached to one movie by that time.


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