Puffypants Pictures

PuffyPants Pictures

Puffypants Pictures is one of the oldest production companies, beginning at the same time as Randomness Productions and being attached to the first and never-released Randomness Production. It is named for a nickname of the Soul Calibur character Voldo stemming from a costume of his in Soul Calibur II. It’s a miscellaneous and Fantasy producer, attached to such films as Zane Von Mystery, Saber, War of the Worlds, The Fly Hunter and the proposed Legend of A, as well as Zane Von Mystery II.

Every Fantasy film produced by Randomness Productions will have Puffypants Pictures on board as well, but not every Puffypants Picture is a Fantasy film.


Zane Von Mystery

Films (includes current developmental state. Already released if blank) :

Zane Von Mystery
Zane Von Mystery II (writing)
War of the Worlds
Steve Irwin: Fly Hunter
Legend of A (proposed)


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